Resep: Gluten Free Cream Puff (Kue Soes)

Gluten Free Cream Puff (Kue Soes). These gluten free cream puffs are made with a simple cooked pastry dough called choux pastry. With only five simple pantry ingredients, you're only moments away from a simple Like chocolate Γ©clairs, cream puffs are made with a simple French choux pastry. But don't be put off by the funny name.

Gluten Free Cream Puff (Kue Soes) Whether you chose a rich, creamy pastry. These Gluten Free Cream Puffs (aka Gluten Free Profiteroles) are a dream come true! Filled with whipped cream and dusted with powdered sugar.every bite will melt in your mouth!
Kamu dapat memasak Gluten Free Cream Puff (Kue Soes) dengan menggunakan 15 bahan dan 7 langkah. Berikut cara untuk kamu memasak Gluten Free Cream Puff (Kue Soes).

Bahan-bahan untuk membuat Gluten Free Cream Puff (Kue Soes)

  1. Kamu butuh 250 ml air.
  2. Siapkan 100 gr butter / mentega.
  3. Kamu butuh 1/4 sdt garam.
  4. Siapkan 85 gr tepung gluten free all purpose.
  5. Siapkan 32 gr tepung beras.
  6. Siapkan 10 gr tepung sagu.
  7. Kamu butuh 5 gr tepung maizena.
  8. Siapkan 3 butir telur (besar).
  9. Siapkan Bahan Vla.
  10. Siapkan 400 ml air.
  11. Siapkan 80 gr fibercreme.
  12. Siapkan 150 gr gula palm.
  13. Kamu butuh 60 gr tepung gluten free all purpose.
  14. Kamu butuh 25 gr tepung maizena.
  15. Kamu butuh 25 gr butter.

If you haven't tried a cream puff, you are in for a treat! Luckily for you, this recipe is EASY, and it makes a lot of little. When baking gluten free cream puffs, eclairs, or anything made from pate choux dough it is very important that you let the the oven preheat BEFORE I've made dairy free gluten free cream puffs many times and they turn out just as good. Simply use your favorite gluten free vegan butter instead.

Instruksi pembuatan Gluten Free Cream Puff (Kue Soes)

  1. Campur semua tepung jadi 1.
  2. Masak air dan butter hingga mendidih (meletup letup), kecilkan api hingga paling kecil, masukan tepung gluten free, aduk terus hingga adonan tidak lengket. (adonan harus halus, tidak terlalu basah / berlubang. Jika adonan masih basah / berlubang2 ( berpori2) tambahkan tepung gluten-free sampai tidak terlalu basah ).
  3. Diamkan adonan selama 3 menit lalu mixer adonan (agar panas cepat hilang), masukan telur satu per satu sambil mixer (kalau merasa adonan sudah lembek, jangan tambahkan telur lagi).
  4. Masukan adonan kedalam piping bag, panaskan oven (sy api sedang-besar) cetak adonan diatas loyang yang sudah diolesi butter.
  5. Oven hingga matang dan kecoklatan, jangan buka oven selama memanggang. Jika sudah matang, diamkan didalam ovem selama 2 menit lalu keluarkan. (sy cetak 15 soes, oven selama 40 menit).
  6. VLA : Campur semua bahan kecuali butter, masak dengan api kecil-sedang dengan terus diaduk sampai kental. Jika sudah kental masukan butter lalu aduk rata.
  7. Tunggu vla sampai dingin / hangat lalu masukan ke piping bag. Lubangi bawah kue soes lalu isi dengan vla.

Making kue sus isi vla always brings back memory of me as kid. When we moved to another house, my mom acquired a new stove (with an oven). It is known as "Soes" in Dutch and in Indonesian version is written as "Sus". Vla is also the Dutch version of custard cream and hence the name kue sus isi vla. Not only will they be so impressed but they won't believe you when you tell them that they are gluten free.


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